Shift Staffed Homes

The SSH program provides 24- hour shift staffed residential care for Children, Youth and Adults living with developmental disabilities. People in the SSH program are able to live, attend school and work in the community while residing in a home that offers them the support(s) they require to make the most out of life’s opportunities.

Shift Staffed Homes provide a safe, secure home environment to assist people living with a disability to realize their full potential. Staff develop person-centered plans and resources in consultation with the person, family members, referring agency and day program personnel and/or school representatives.



Children, Youth and Adults can be referred for service by a Family Services and Consumer Affairs agency (formerly Family Services and Housing), one of the regional offices of Manitoba Family Services (Community Living Program, Special Needs Program, or Children’s Special Services), or by Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (W.R.H.A.) Community Mental Health Services.

Referral packages can be sent to the attention of the Program Manager. Please include recent social, medical, family, and school/vocational information, plus a covering letter outlining the request for service.



Please contact Program Manager

Ph: 204-261-8778

Fax: 204-275-0450