Research & Students

This could be an introduction to the students and research part of our website

Benefits to ND Service Delivery

  • Employment pool, already oriented to ND. Checks are complete and seamless hiring process
  • Relevant Resource created for Service area (at their request)
  • Assistance to Evaluation team & potentially other central support services
  • Large potential Pool of volunteers, Future DSP /staff Resource assistance In many areas.
  • Large pool of volunteers, Future staff & volunteers, Resource development in Any area!
  • Large pool of Volunteers, large Experience base, Many resource options

Cost Benefit Comparison

  • Moderate supervision / Moderate caseload contribution
  • Minimal supervision / high resource contribution
  • Minimal to Moderate supervision / moderate contribution
  • Minimal orientation / moderate to high contribution
  • Minimal to moderate orientation / moderate to high contribution
  1. Do you already have or are in the process of getting University or Medical Institution Research Ethics Board (REB) approval? (Our expectation is that applicants have an REB certificate of approval; if ethics approval and certificate are not attached you may can still contact us to discuss your project and the possibility of developing a partnership). Yes/No
  2. Culture is an important lens for analysis and is an important value to us. Are you planning to contextualize culture and address culture and diversity considerations in your research (ethnic, socioeconomic, generational, 2STLGBQIA, etc.)? Yes/No.
  3. Have you completed a Proposal & Project Description, including Brief project purpose, Benefit, Description of participants in the research, and Indication of what participants will be doing? Yes/No.
  4. Have you described the Recruitment Plan & how Informed Consent will be maintained (including no implications that services will be withdrawn if people are non-compliant with research)? Yes/No.
  5. Have you completed all Research Instruments (all consent forms, recruitment posters or letters, standardized measures, or other survey questionnaires)? Yes/No.
  6. Have you addressed Anonymity and Confidentiality? Yes/No.
  7. Have you described any Risks and Benefits in the project? Yes/No.
  8. Have you addressed any Deception involved in the project? Yes/No.
  9. Have you indicated how any disclosed Illegal Behavior will be addressed? Yes/No.
  10. Have you indicated how any Feedback will be provided to participants or staff? Yes/No.

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to all of the above questions, contact us to receive a New Directions Research Application Form.  If you are unable to answer ‘Yes’ to all of the questions above, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your project and to see if we can develop a partnership.