Main Office Fire Update: One Year Later


We are so very grateful to the many community members who reached out to provide support and contributions to the Opikihiwawin Fire Fund. We have always found the people in our community inspiring and never more so than over the last year. Thank you.

The devastating fire early last year incinerated the entire Opikihiwawin area. Extensive renovations were undertaken within this area and throughout the building and we are happy to report they are almost complete. We anticipate being fully operational by springtime. In the meantime, we are awaiting shipments of film editing equipment, sewing machines, fabrics and materials, etc.

One of the most important aspects of Opikihiwawin is to reconnect children, youth and adults with their cultural heritage and biological family. The program is immensely popular. Its participants are anxious to get back to 717, especially the Kokums/grandmothers. They’ll be busy in the new kitchen making delicious traditional stews for the people in the program.

Also, the sewing room will soon be humming as individuals we support sew traditional regalia, many of which will be worn with pride at ceremonies and pow wows.
The Film Production room is also popular, being a particular success with the male youth population. A place where they can hone their skills in film and editing while learning about their Indigenous culture and traditions.

This is a small sampling of the many popular programs and services offered through Opikihiwawin. We will continue to post updates soon.

Other Ways to Donate

For every $9 donated to the fund, The Winnipeg Foundation donates $1 – so every dollar you donate helps the fund grow even faster!

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You can donate directly to the Opikihiwawin Endowment Fund. The Opikihiwawin program offers Indigenous adoptees and children and youth in foster care the opportunity to connect with their culture and biological families.

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