Child Home Services

Our program philosophy is to offer supports tailored to the specific needs, hopes and circumstances of children and youth in dialogue with them, their significant others and their support system. Each person is an individual and each person has some knowledge of what they want and where they want to live. We attempt to support the children to meet their personal goals. Child Home Services offers alternatives through  a flexible continuum of services guided by our Roots approach.

Strong roots give children and youth a safe foundation that supports their growth, allows them to explore the world and to take the risks to pursue their dreams trusting that the connections they have will hold, nurture, and guide them. The models Roots develops are based on what is needed to strengthen these roots. Children and youth are not expected to “match” a model, but Roots works with children, youth, their guardian and the referring agency to develop the service and walks with them in the path towards the desired outcomes, adapting services accordingly.

All services pursue the same end point: support children and youth to settle in a living situation where they can develop roots. This can involve reunification with parents or significant others, living independently or transitioning into the adult system of supports:



Referrals come from Provincial agencies and recognized Child and Family agencies in Manitoba Saskatchewan and North-West Ontario. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

204-786-7051 ext.5279