The Sexual Behaviour Problem Program

The Sexual Behaviour Problem Program provides therapy to families with children [under 12] who are showing signs of inappropriate sexual behaviour towards another person or themselves.

If you’re reading this page… you have either witnessed or been told that your child has engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviour. We understand that many parents feel guilty, responsible, blamed and afraid about what this means about their child and themselves as parents.

We have worked with many families to address children’s sexual behaviour problems. Our goal is to be helpful and respectful in both understanding and addressing the needs of your child and your family.

You have probably asked yourself “What does this behaviour mean?”… It may not be easy to know where this behaviour came from, however we do know a lot about why children engage in inappropriate sexual behavior. It is important to understand the child’s sexualized behavior from the perspective of the child at their developmental stage.

  • attempting to soothe themselves
  • imitating something they have seen (TV, internet, etc)
  • curiosity
  • age appropriate for their developmental stage
  • repeating what they have experienced
  • Parent or caregiver involvement is essential
  • We work with families and other service providers to meet your needs, and provide the appropriate resources for your family to address concerns regarding your child’s sexual behaviour problem
  • There can be a wait list for starting this service
  • There are no fees for our service
  • We accept referrals from Winnipeg and surrounding areas where families are able to travel to Winnipeg to obtain our services
  • We begin with a consultation session with parents/caregivers about their concerns
  • At the end of the consultation a plan will be created with recommendations for further therapy or resources
  • We provide guidelines for supervision that parents can implement immediately
  • When therapy is provided, we meet with parents/caregivers and their children
  • We teach families strategies for coping with thoughts, images, feelings and behaviours that may impact their daily life. Therapy includes talking, playing, drawing, games or writing. We help parents to learn how to help their children at home




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