You Are the Strategy!

This is a half or a full day workshop with the same objectives but a full day affords us to observe more video of children, and to have more discussion of how your work fits with this information.  Participants should be working directly with children.  This is an attachment focused workshop that will give you:


  • Knowledge of how attachment patterns are protective patterns
  • Knowledge of how trauma alters our attachment or relationship trajectory
  • Practical ideas to create a secure and safe relationship for a child
  • A brief introduction to the Circle of Security model



Circle of Security Course

This is a 10-session program for those who either care directly for children, such as foster parents, group home workers, support workers, or people in child care.  Each 2-hour session takes you deeper into an understanding of concepts around attachment, but also highlights how we are in relationship.  Our focus remains on the child, but shifts to managing ourselves differently so to create relief within relationship for the child with you.  There will be 9 consecutive weekly sessions plus a bonus session roughly a month later.  There will also be additional components on intergenerational and individual trauma, and valuing of cultures.


Training specific to your Childcare Centre

Training for your needs can be assessed and arranged – whether it be a one hour COS refresher or a half or full day intro to Attachment and meeting the needs of children in your Centre, contact Joanne Brown to discuss.

Dates: We will work with you to find a date to facilitate this training
Cost: TBD
Presenter: Joanne Brown


More trainings

Joanne Brown has been a clinical social worker for close to 30 years, 26 of those at New Directions, always working with families who are struggling to overcome past trauma, current functioning struggles and parent all at the same time.  Joanne has trained extensively in many modalities of attachment, in particular, Circle of Security, and volunteers her time to co-chair the Attachment Network of Manitoba.  Joanne is often called upon to give workshops or talks to various groups on attachment, trauma, parenting and such.  Her work in Family Therapy Services is to liaise with child care centres and families involved in daycare who are struggling.