Critical Thinking in Case Management

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This three hour presentation is about looking beneath the surface of knowledge and reason in order to see how that knowledge and reason is distorted in an unequal and exploitative society (Tilbury, Scott and Osmond).

We will discuss how critical thinking skills in case management can help us

  • Organize and analysis information in order to improve quality of care
  • Determine what information is relevant to improve outcomes
  • Better understand the narrative of the person we support
  • Gain a better understanding of how change can happen
  • Be more mindful of the complexity of people’s lives.
  • Find meaning in interactions, being more mindful of one’s own bias in thinking
  • Be more open to potential errors in thinking
  • Look for structural causes that challenge the status quo and challenge inequality

Ultimately, critical thinking in case management becomes thinking with a purpose.

This three hour presentation will be provided online and is best suited for individuals learning the complicated world of case management in the social services community.

Presenter: Chuck Groening

Certificate of completion available upon request. Contact:
Registration closes a week before the scheduled workshop

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