Opikihiwawin services have moved online to Zoom due to Covid-19.


Program Objective:

Opikihiwawin responds to the needs of Aboriginal adoptees and foster people in all stages of their lives by providing cultural education, supports and advocacy.

We believe that it is every Aboriginal adoptee and foster person’s inherent right to know and experience their culture. Our cultural programs create a positive sense of identity and belonging and help adoptees and foster people build relationships in the Aboriginal community.

  • Art Classes
  • Anishinaabe Language Classes (adult and youth)
  • Educational Forums for Adults
  • Activities for Families
  • Medicine Picking
  • Feasts, Gatherings and Ceremonies
  • Drumming and singing
  • Annual Cultural Retreat
  • Hoop Dancing Classes
  • Pow wow Dancing Classes
  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Newsletter
  • Beadwork and Outfit-Making Classes
  • Cultural Teachings
  • Pow wow Nights
  • Advocacy
  • Aboriginal Community and Cultural Events
  • Elder Visits
  • Adoption Ceremonies
  • Counselling services
  • Annual Community Pow wow
  • Performances by Opikihiwawin dancers and drummers


Individuals can register or be referred to the Opikihiwawin program in the following ways:

In person: 1st Floor 717 Portage Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3G 0M8 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday
By phone: 204 786-7051

Current Services

Items for Sale

Posters are available to purchase at the Opikihiwawin reception

Individual Poster—$10

Set of seven posters—$50

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