Family Therapy Services

Services We Provide

Triple P Parenting

An 8-week positive parenting program that provides parents with a toolbox of ideas and strategies to help make family life much more enjoyable.

Circle of Security

An 8-week program for parents of children of all ages who are interested in understanding their child’s behaviours & needs, and their own responses to those behaviours.


An 8-week parenting program that follows the Triple P Parenting Program. Parents explore how expectations, assumptions and beliefs about the causes of children’s misbehavior influences their parenting.

Good Visit Workshop

A half day workshop that focuses on preparing to have a good visit when your child is in care, enhancing the connection between parents and children. Workshop based on Attachment Theory and Theraplay activities.

Families Affected by Sexual Assault & The Sexual Behaviour Problem Program

The Families Affected by Sexual Assault Program (FASA) provides therapy to families when a child under age 18 has been sexually assaulted by someone other than a parent/caregiver or sibling.

The Sexual Behaviour Problem [SBP] Program provides therapy to families with children under 12 who ar showing signs of inappropriate sexual behaviour towards another person or themselves.

If you have a family who is interested in our services, a referral can be made by having the parent contact FASA directly at: (204) 786-7051, EXT 5262.

Family Councelling

 We provide relational therapy for families and parents or caregivers with children under 18 who are experiencing issues such as: couple conflict, trauma, parenting difficulties, children’s school and/or social problems.

Reaching Out

A program that provides parenting support for families of children who experience emotional or behavioral difficulties in Child Care settings. Provides consultation and training to Child Care Centre-staff.


An attachment therapy based on five essential qualities: structure, challenge, engagement, nurture, and playfulness.

Parent Groups

Making Sense of your Pre-Teen

An 8-week attachment-based program for parents and foster parents of pre-teens (ages 8-12), with a focus on developing an understanding of the changing relationship as they grow.

Making Sense of Teens

A 6-week program offering parents a deeper understanding of their teenager and the changes they are going through.  Helps parents “crack the code” on their teen’s oftentimes confusing behaviour and guide them into
establishing a relationship that cultivates respect, closeness and connection.

Family Therapy Services offers a wide array of services, free of charge to all participants.

This is due to our funders:

  • Manitoba Family Services
  • United Way
  • Training Opportunities
  • Family Systems Training Information

Register for Services

To register contact us at:

Family Therapy Services
New Directions for Children, Youth Adults and Families
3rd Floor 717 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg Manitoba
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Phone : (204) 786-7051 ext 5212

Resources & Services for Professionals

High-quality service delivery to professionals means high-quality service to families.

The Family Therapy Program offers professionals:

  • Telephone or in-person consultations regarding potential or ongoing referrals.
  • Training in Family Systems Interventions
  • Workshops on issues affecting families
  • Masters practicum placement (limited to 1 to 2 students)

For Professionals – Making a Referral to Family Therapy

For Professionals – Preparing a Family for Therapy