Resources for Adolescent Parents

Research into teen pregnancy demonstrates that having a baby as a teen does not have to interfere with or halt one’s dreams and goals and that earning a high school diploma is the catalyst for success.

RAP recognizes the strength and capability in the young women who attend.  The success they achieve comes from them, their values, their inner strength, their motivation to be successful for themselves and for their children and their Indigenous heritage.  The role of the RAP staff is to work with the strengths that exist in each student, to assist them in removing barriers to their success and to encourage them on in their journey.

What is RAP?

RAP, or Resources for Adolescent Parents, is a New Directions program that offers a full-time high-school (Grade 9-12) curriculum in a Gordon Bell High School classroom, to pregnant and parenting young women 14-17 years of age (18+ if extended in the care of Child and Family Services)

Three New Directions staff along with one Winnipeg School Division teacher and one Educational Assistant (EA) provide counselling and educational support to the students. RAP staff ensure that the students are motivated to attend school and earn their high school diploma. Counselling is provided when issues in the students’ lives interfere with attendance and focus in class.

How will I be supported in the program?

RAP staff work with the students, their family and any members of their professional team to resolve any challenges that will help them achieve their goals.

RAP staff will refer students and their families to other resources when required/needed.

It is the RAP staff’s responsibility to ensure that any conflict in the classroom is recognized quickly and resolved so that the students are safe and supported in the program.

Will RAP celebrate my Indigenous heritage?

RAP students attend New Directions Indigenous Cultural activities as well as various activities in the community.


In the summer RAP offers a recreational program with an emphasis on Indigenous culture and parenting.

Apply to RAP

Youth, parents, social workers or any person interested in finding out about RAP or registering call:
(204) 786-7051 ext. 2205 or 2211.