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What follows is not a legal definition. As we have come to understand that what may have had a traumatic impact on children and their families does not necessarily meet legal standards for prosecution or going to court.

Someone inappropriately looking at, talking to and touching a child. It may be that someone asks a child to do this or has the child do this to them. It is usually someone they know or it can be a stranger. It may be someone older, whom they trust, someone their own age, or even someone younger. This person may try to trick or bribe the child. Often kids are told that something bad will happen if they tell.

Looking includes: Someone showing sexually explicit pictures or websites or asking a child to watch pornographic videos, movies or cell phone pictures, or being deliberately exposed to adult sexual activity.

Talking includes: Someone talking inappropriately to a child about adult sexual behaviour, being sent sexually explicit texts, emails, IM’s or chat room messages.

Touching includes: Any inappropriate touching of a child’s private parts or directing the child to touch themselves or someone else.