Training Resources for Youth (TRY)

When young people are not adequately prepared for independent living, they find the transition into adulthood very difficult. They often lack the necessary skills to find and keep a job or return to school. Training Resources for Youth can help.

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Resources for Adolescent Parents (RAP)

A program of counselling, support and education to help young single parents develop vocational plans and life skills.

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Transition, Education & Resources for Females (TERF) Mentor, Youth & Adults

TERF is an education, prevention, transition and holistic healing initiative for children, women and transgender individuals who have been, or are at risk of being, sexually exploited. TERF assists to stabilize living situations, promote healthy lifestyles and build confidence and self-esteem.

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Alternative Solutions – Youth & Adults with an Intellectual Disability

Alternative Solutions consists of 6 separate Day Programs providing daily activities including recreation, education, and work experience opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities and/or a mental health diagnosis at the Program site and in the surrounding community. Each Sub-Program has a unique focus and supports Participants from a variety of cultural backgrounds, with a wide variety of abilities and individual goals.

Each component facilitates greater independence and integration through recreation, academic, vocational instruction, work experience placements and competitive employment when possible. All programs are interdependent to provide facility and community base supports.

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Includes further details and photos from each program