Transition, Education & Resources for Females (T.E.R.F)

T.E.R.F is a transition, healing and education program for children, youth, adults and transgender individuals who have been exploited/trafficked through the sex trade (prostitution).

T.E.R.F assists to stabilize living situations, promote healthy lifestyles and build confidence and self-esteem by providing a safe, supportive, learning and healing environment for individuals we support. T.E.R.F also provides school credits for youth and adult participants.

  • Youth Program – ages 13 to 20
  • Mentor Program – ages 20 and under
  • Adult Program – ages 18+

T.E.R.F uses a combination of approaches to help participants achieve their goals. Our programs are participant-directed and delivered through a holistic healing model of balancing the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and cultural needs of the participants.



To refer a participant or register yourself, contact:

204-786-7051 ext 5311


Trainings we Offer for Professionals: