T.R.A.I.L.S. provides treatment foster care, individualized placements and supported independent living for special needs children and youth. Resources are organized to provide a transition from highly intensive care to independent living, based on the participants changing developmental needs and abilities.


  • Assessment and individual proposals for each participant at intake
  • An individualized plan for each participant
  • A case manager for each participant
  • Culturally sensitive services
  • Live in caregivers and support workers matched with individual participant needs
  • Intensive supervision of caregivers and support workers
  • 24 hour emergency coverage
  • Access to all New Directions programs on a priority basis


Program Objectives

  • Assisting young people to develop realistic goals and a greater sense of self direction
  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • Flexibility of programming
  • Accessing community resources and developing positive supports


Service Philosophy

We believe each individual has unique strengths and resources that can enable her/him to develop realistic goals and plans. It is our role not only to assist our participants to use their own strengths and resources in this way but also to identify and facilitate the additional supports that may be needed to achieve this. We endeavour to maximize family connections and whenever possible provide programming for sibling groups.

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