OUTLINE: Teragy (from the Greek symbolizing strength and wisdom), is the original program that began as the Services to Multi-Handicapped (S.M.H.) Day Program with New Directions in 1988. The program provides a safe environment for individuals with intel-lectual disabilities while focusing on maintaining or improving upon basic living skills, choice-making, and appropriate social initiation and interaction. In recent years Teragy has implemented a sensory program to assist participants with managing their environment, their behavioral issues and learning relaxation techniques.

STAFFING: Teragy is a group-based program therefore most activities are carried out using this model. A 1 to 3 staff to participant ratio varies based on many factors including the nature of the activity, individual behaviors, physical abilities and individual prefer-ences. One-on-one facilitation for specific programming is also a component of this Day Program. All staff have received training in order to maintain a safe environment and to address specific individual and group needs.

LOCATION: Teragy is located at 400-1615 Regent Avenue. The facility has been physically adapted for the variety of participants and is wheelchair accessible.

Festival du Voyageur


Hay Ride

Weiner Roast Bird's Hill

Sailing at Fort Whyte

Choir Performance


Alternative Solutions Day Services:

500 – 717 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 0M8.

Ph: 204-786-7051,

Fax: 204-774-6468


Components of the program include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-Sensory Environments
  • Social Skill Development/Maintenance
  • Physical Activity
  • Arts Expression (Visual, Musical and Dramatic)
  • Cooking Class
  • Life Skill Development/Maintenance
  • Computers
  • Work Experience
  • Recreation/Leisure
  • Community Integration and Interaction
  • Pre-Literacy Activities
  • Sensory Programming