(Diversity, Respect, Empowerment, Achievement & More)

OUTLINE: In 2002, Alternative Solutions Day Services received a request from Community Services to submit a proposal outlining a service plan for Deaf adult participants who were graduating from Manitoba School for the Deaf in June 2002. The result was the D.R.E.A.&M. program. The following information outlines the possible participant options offered within D.R.E.A &M.

STAFFING: Staff to participant ratio remains low in order to provide supports and address the needs of the participant population. All staff are required to be fluent in American Sign Language, possess knowledge and experience with Intellectual Disabilities and be aware of services for hard of hearing and Deaf participants.

LOCATION: Our program location is 1111 Ellice  Avenue. The area is designed to meet the sensory needs of the participants and is wheelchair accessible.

TRANSPORTATION: Arranged by Community Services.


Playing Cards


Winter Sledding


Alternative Solutions Day Services:

500 – 717 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 0M8.

Ph: 204-786-7051,

Fax: 204-774-6468


Components of the program include but are not limited to:

  • Physical Activity
  • Recreation/Leisure
  • Drama and Music Therapy
  • Cooking/Nutrition Classes
  • Work Experience and Classes
  • Life skills classes
  • Functional English skills development
  • Literacy Program with focus on ASL
  • Sensory Processing and Treatments
  • Computer class and Interactive whiteboard
  • Community Exposure and Participation in Deaf community
  • Technology communications, skype, facetime, etc