Family Connections offers a continuum of person centered, family focused supports that are rooted in values of kinship. Children, youth, and adults can be referred to the program as individuals or with their sibling group. Working practices within each program are adapted to their respective environments of urban Winnipeg and rural Manitoba.


The program assists individuals and their families to manage experiences and behaviors that make it difficult to stay together. We also assist in the development of new skills to remove barriers in order to have stronger and healthier connections. The supports are intended to ensure families can stay together, facilitate reunification, or promote continued meaningful connections for children and youth with their family and natural support network.



The Family Connections Program uses an intensive case management format to provide individualized family in-home support, individualized or sibling group foster/home share support, and supported independent living transitional supports for children, youth, and adults with complex support needs. A holistic, person centered focus is maintained, recognizing each individual’s emotional psycho- social, cultural, linguistic, intellectual, recreational, physical, and spiritual needs and potentials, in addition to his/her right to self-determination.


  • Family Support: Offers supports to remain together within the family home.
  • Family Reunification: Offers supports to reunify after the individual has been in care of Family Services.
  • Foster/Home Share: Offers specialized supports in a foster/home share program that promotes kinship connections between children and youth and their family of origin, and the individual or family they live with outside of the family home.
  • Transitional Independent Living Supports: Offers relevant supports for an individual to transition to living as independently as possible in his/her community. Participants may live in their own home, a foster parent/home share home, family home and/or transitional shelters.


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