DEAF Support Services provides support to Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth in the care of Child and Family Services and to Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults eligible for Community Living Disability Services in need of residential and/or daily living support.

Our Philosophy

A holistic, individual centred focus is maintained, recognizing each individual’s emotional psycho- social, cultural, linguistic, intellectual, recreational, physical, and spiritual needs and potentials, in addition to his/her right to self-determination. The program offers culturally proficient services for participants and caregivers in American Sign Language (ASL).


All the staff and foster caregivers in DEAF Services are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or ASL proficient. DEAF Services provides supports and facilitates the communication among Deaf and Hard of Hearing staff, caregivers and participants and with the hearing world (e.g., social workers, doctors, probation officers, dentists, etc.) by relying on interpreters, ASL proficient staff, and augmented technological supports.

ASL Program Residential Individual (APRI)

An individual residential program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in care and adults with intellectual or mental health disabilities living in the community in a foster placement, with their family, or independently

Kai Na Quiniget (KNQ)

Is a residential treatment centre that provides specialized residential services for high needs Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and youth in the care of child and family services agencies or regional offices, and treatment support services for the families of these children and youth.

Social and Recreational – Deaf Group

A Deaf group runs every Wednesday evening to give participants an opportunity to use and improve their social skills, participate in recreational activities with other Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in an ASL environment, and have an experience of community.


Please contact Program Manager

Ph: 204-500-8373 (through Video Relay Service Interpreter)

Fax: 204-779-8190