The Families Affected by Sexual Assault [FASA] program has been working with families in Winnipeg for over 30 years. We provide therapy to families with children [under 18 and who are not in care] who have been sexually assaulted by someone who is not a parent or sibling, and when the sexual assault has been reported to Child & Family Services. We believe that parents or guardians are the best resources for their children. In our collaborative work with families, we provide trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate therapy to help children and their families recover.

For Parents

  • A child’s disclosure breaks the silence and begins the recovery process
  • When faced with the issues of sexual assault, parents often feel helpless
  • The staff of the FASA program is here to help you and your family.

What you need to know:

  • Sexual assault affects all family members
  • Parents play an active and essential role in therapy
  • Children who have support and understanding will suffer fewer ill effects
  • Children can and do recover

For Kids

If this has happened to you it is very important that you tell an adult that you trust to help you. If this has happened to someone you know it is also important to tell an adult that you trust. Adults can, will, and do believe, they can help.

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Families can contact us at FASA (204) 786-7051, extension 5262 or email us at  All contacts will be responded to within five business days.


If you have a family who is interested in our services, a referral can be made by having the parent contact FASA directly at :
(204) 786-7051, extension 5262
or email us at



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