Since 1885, New Directions has been evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the Winnipeg community. We have redefined ourselves and our services to work better with children, youth, adults and families as they chart their own course within the community. Our services are divided into three categories: Counselling, Assessment, Support and Prevention Programs; Training and Education Programs; and Home Services and Support Programs. We strive to offer everyone the same opportunities to achieve the life they’ve dreamed of – a life full of promise, potential, respect and self-worth. We believe in a person-centred approach.

At New Directions, we provide a wide range of services that encompass a multitude of areas that can affect people’s lives. Some people may use one service. Others may use several. Regardless of how many services someone uses, we’re here to provide support as people take steps to improve their lives—and through them, the lives of others in the community.

Our Participants

We provide supports to children, adolescents and adults in a variety of settings. Individuals may have an intellectual disability and/or physical disability and/or use American Sign Language to communicate. The range of supports we provide include day services to 24/7 staff residential settings to independent living where staff provide assistance only in identified targeted areas. We encourage every individual to be as independent as possible. We also respect that our participants can and do make decisions to the best of their ability and advocate that others in the community respect these choices and opinions.


To provide responsive and individualized services that foster the hopes and dreams of people and their communities.


A community where all people have well-being, are honoured, and can dream


  • Integrity in all that we do
  • Honour the strengths of people and community
  • Holism emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual, environmental and cultural
  • Respect for all people


  • President – David Brand
  • Past President – Carolyn Strutt
  • Vice President – Dr. Christine Watson
  • Treasurer – David Sitarik
  • Executive Secretary – James Court


  • Lorraine Desmarais
  • Rick Ratte
  • Beverly Sabourin
  • Dr. Laura Sokal
  • Rhonda Taylor
  • Kaely Zettel
  • Mandie Timko – Staff Representative
  • Jay Hrynkiw- Staff Representative
  • Dr. Jennifer Frain, CEO