United Way is running their Walk This Way event to raise $100,000.

  • Walk this Way is on September 18, 2020.
  • New Directions staff and community members will be meeting at St. Vital Park from 2:00-4:00 on Sept. 18 to walk together. (map to follow).
  • If all participants walk a total of 5,000 km, United Way will receive $100,000 from its sponsors.
  • Participants are required to either download the MoveSpring app or enter your kilometres walked manually. (United Way encourages participants to download the app right away so that you can receive updates.)
  • When you register under the United Way umbrella there’s an option under Additional Information to enter your workplace or Team Name. United Way will track teams steps, internally, and post this info on the Team Leaderboard. We encourage everyone in the New Directions community to join our Team and add your steps to our goal!
  • You must open the app the day of the event to track your steps.
  • Don’t like just walking or running, feel free to cycle, canoe, play sports etc. Just make sure to convert those to steps on the app!


Join the New Directions Team to help United Way Raise $100,000!