Vision and Philosophy

The Parenting Centre is a program of New Directions for children, Youth, Adults and Families where families with young children can consult about issues, access information and resources about a diversity of needs and challenges around parenting and family life.

The Parenting Centre is also a practicum site for advanced studies in Family Related disciplines. With the belief that strong communities build strong families, the Parenting Centre networks with other service providers and community resources to enhance the quality of family life.


Our counsellors work in the community and at our office to support families who are challenged by a variety of life stressors and/or mandated services. We provide: assessment, goal setting. treatment planning, counseling, advocacy, parenting and life skills to build and strengthen family resilience.

Family Therapy

We provide relational therapy for families who are experiencing significant difficulties in a variety of issues that might have a negative effect on family life such as: couple conflict, trauma, parenting difficulties, children’s school and/or social problems. Although we do NOT offer Play Therapy, we work with Parent-Child dyads using Attachment based techniques such as Theraplay.

Reaching out Project

This program is designed to support children with different or special needs in the daycare system by connecting with daycare staff, helping them understand the child in a different way, perhaps offering staff groups a workshop, but also reaching out to the family of the children to offer service around parenting or therapeutic issues. Workshops and intervention around attachment are the key focus, specializing in utilizing Circle of Security.

Group Facilitation

We run a variety of parenting groups at the  Parenting Centre such as:

  • Triple P
  • Circle of security
  • Theraplay
  • Having a good visit with your child in care
  • Parent Support Group



The Parenting Centre is an advance practicum site for students at the Bachelor and Master level in a variety of programs such as: Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy & Educational Psychology and related fields.