About Us

Mission: To provide access to a diversity of clinical and cultural services to address the needs and questions of individuals and/or organizations with a person-centered approach. Services can involve one specialty or multiple specialties in an integrated fashion.

MACC also offers multidisciplinary clinical and cultural consultations to individuals who are unable to utilize community services due to systemic barriers (e.g., financial, scarcity of resources, language, etc.).

MACC team includes approved service providers for NIHB and IRSP

Services and Resources

Services Options Include:

  • Assessment
  • Consultation
  • Therapy (Individual, Couple, Family & Group)

Individuals can access one service or a combination of services.

Multidisciplinary Resources Include:

  • Psychology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Trauma
  • Indigenous Knowledge Keeper
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Consultation
  • Family & Couple Therapy (for families with no children under the age of 18 or families without children)


Services & Consultants
Fees for Services Provided
Psychology** – Assessment/Therapy/Consultation: $195 per hour
– Cap of $2,300 for assessment
– No-show fee: $100
Occupational Therapy** – Assessment/Therapy/Consultation: $100 per hour
– Cap of $1500 (Ranges: $750-$1500) for Assessment
– Cancellation/no-show fee: $50
Knowledge Keeper** – Therapy/Consultation: $65 per hour
– Cancellation/No show fee: $25
Integrated Services Includes: Behavioral Assessment, Consultation, Intervention Plan, Occupational Therapy and  Knowledge Keeper :$4500
  ** There is a cancellation fee(less than 24 hours notification) and No show fee. See Above



  • Invoice for assessment must be paid in full prior to the interpretation session and delivery of the written report
  • Written report is provided to individual and/or referral source during interpretation session.
  • Individuals with school, private or work insurance pay for MACC services directly and are provided a receipt to get reimbursement from their insurance company.


Referral Process:

a) Fill out and submit referral form

Contact the office to request the referral from

Email: macc@newdirections.mb.ca
Call: 204 786 7051 extension 5269

b) Provide supporting information and documentation

You will be asked to provide the signed consent form and a copy of any relevant information/report


Contact Us

Find the information you need. Contact us about receiving services or general inquiries. Here at MACC, we value your suggestions and feedback. Please click on the link above to submit your comments.