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Therapy in the FASA program is different for each family. It can include talking, playing, drawing, games or writing. It is not a requirement for healing that children talk about what happened to them in detail. In fact we know that this can be more often distressing than helpful. We teach families strategies for coping with thoughts, images, feelings and behaviours that may impact their daily life. We help parents to learn how to help their children at home. We know that families can and do recover after a child has been sexually assaulted.

  • We provide therapy to families with children [under 18 and who are not in care] who have been sexually assaulted by someone who is not a parent or sibling, and when the sexual assault has been reported to Child & Family Services
  • Sexual assault may include direct or indirect sexual touching; exposure to sexual material on the internet and in movies; sexual interference; sexual exploitation
  • There is no wait list for service
  • There are no fees
  • We accept referrals from Winnipeg and surrounding areas where families are able to travel to Winnipeg to obtain our services


What you need to know:

  • Sexual assault affects all family members
  • Parents play an active and essential role in the recovery process
  • Children who have support and understanding will suffer fewer ill effects
  • Children can and do recover.