Family Therapy Services

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Family Counselling

 We provide relational therapy for families and parents or caregivers with children under 18 who are experiencing issues such as: couple conflict, trauma, parenting difficulties, children’s school and/or social problems.

Reaching Out

A program that provides parenting support for families of children who experience emotional or behavioral difficulties in Child Care settings. Provides consultation and training to Child Care Centre-staff.


An attachment therapy based on five essential qualities: structure, challenge, engagement, nurture, and playfulness.

Parent Groups

Click here: Family Therapy Services – Winter 2020

Triple P Parenting

An 8-week positive parenting program that provides parents with a toolbox of ideas and strategies to help make family life much more enjoyable.

Circle of Security

An 8-week program for parents of children of all ages who are interested in understanding their child’s behaviours & needs, and their own responses to those behaviours.


An 8-week parenting program that follows the Triple P Parenting Program. Parents explore how expectations, assumptions and beliefs about the causes of children’s misbehavior influences their parenting.

Making Sense of your Pre-Teen

An 8-week attachment-based program for parents and foster parents of pre-teens (ages 8-12), with a focus on developing an understanding of the changing relationship as they grow.

Making Sense of Teens

A 6-week program offering parents a deeper understanding of their teenager and the changes they are going through.  Helps parents “crack the code” on their teen’s oftentimes confusing behaviour and guide them into
establishing a relationship that cultivates respect, closeness and connection.

Good Visit Workshop

A half day workshop that focuses on preparing to have a good visit when your child is in care, enhancing the connection between parents and children. Workshop based on Attachment Theory and Theraplay activities.

Families Affected by Sexual Assault & The Sexual Behaviour Problem Program

The Families Affected by Sexual Assault Program (FASA) provides therapy to families when a child under age 18 has been sexually assaulted by someone other than a parent/caregiver or sibling.

The Sexual Behaviour Problem [SBP] Program provides therapy to families with children under 12 who ar showing signs of inappropriate sexual behaviour towards another person or themselves.

If you have a family who is interested in our services, a referral can be made by having the parent contact FASA directly at: (204) 786-7051, EXT 5262.


RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES: Click on title below

The Family Life Cycle

Common Difficulties in the Families with Young Children Stage

Common Challenges in the Families with Adolescents Stage

Common Difficulties in the Launching Stage

How to Get the Most Out of your Therapy

Tips for Couples

Parenting Tips for Families with Teenagers

Helping Your Children Deal With Divorce 

Services for Professionals

High-quality service delivery to professionals means high-quality service to families.

The Family Therapy Program offers professionals:

  • Telephone or in-person consultations regarding potential or ongoing referrals.
  • Training in Family Systems Interventions
  • Workshops on issues affecting families
  • Masters practicum placement (limited to 1 to 2 students)

Resources for Professionals: Click on title below

For Professionals – Making a Referral to Family Therapy

For Professionals – Preparing a Family for Therapy