Family Therapy

All families experience stress. But when difficulties seem too large to manage, it may be hard to know which way to turn. Family therapy can help.

Program Objective:

To help families make use of their strengths and resources and build on their coping strategies and skills in addressing problems and achieving their hopes and dreams.

Service Philosophy

We work with families and professionals to provide them with services tailored to their needs, the following beliefs guide our practise.

We believe that:

  • Family struggles are embedded within social, economic, cultural and historical contexts
  • Families’ strengths include their inner resources, values, cultural and spiritual traditions and community relationships
  • All families experience times of stress and transitions and have the capacity to adapt and grow through them



Families having a child between the ages of 12 and 18 years old are eligible for our services. Suggestions for referrals may come from a variety of sources including Child and Family Services, teachers, counselors, doctors, community agencies and former clients. In order to become engaged with our services, families are asked to call us directly to make a self-referral.

Services for Families:

Depending on the need of the family, we will work the whole family, the couple, siblings or an individual; we may also refer to our Teen Group.

Our counselling deals with a range of issues including:

  • changes in families
  • parenting issues and support
  • sexual abuse
  • physical aggression
  • adjustment to separation, divorce and remarriage
  • addictions issues
  • anger and anxiety issues


Services for Professionals

High-quality service delivery to professionals means high-quality service to families.

The Family Therapy Program offers professionals:

  • Telephone or in-person consultations regarding potential or ongoing referrals.
  • Training in Family Systems Interventions
  • Workshops on issues affecting families
  • Masters practicum placement (limited to 1 to 2 students)



For Professionals – Making a Referral to Family Therapy

For Professionals – Preparing a Family for Therapy

Family Systems Training – Information 2018-2019

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