Our program philosophy is to meet the needs of the child as expressed by the child. Each person is an individual and each person has some knowledge of what they want and where they want to live. We attempt to support all of the children to meet their personal goals.

Child Centered Services

Child Centred Services (CCS) provides specialized residential support forhigh needs children and youth in the care of child and family services agencies. Services range in a continuum of options to match the diverse needs, circumstances, and dreams of the children and youth. CCS offers the different options through three programs:

Community Treatment Centres

Community Treatment Centres (CTC) offers a shared home environment where the  child or youth can  develop a sense of belonging and has opportunities to engage in a meaningful life, experience healing from past hardships and  a healthy development, and pursue his or her goals and dreams.  Homes welcome children from ages 8 to 12 (one home for 4 boys and one home for up to 5 boys) and ages 12 to 17 (4 homes for 3 male youth, one home for up to 2 female youth, and one home for 4 male youth).


Roots provides specialized case management and supports to transition children and youth from our CTC and My Home Programs into a home where they can have strong roots. The transition can involve reuniting the children with their family or community, or helping them root in an alternative place when they are aging out of care and do not have relatives to go back to.