Diagnostic Assessments

The Manitoba Learning Centre provides assessment services for children and adults with respect to suspected learning disabilities. Referrals for an assessment can be made directly to the Centre by doctors, social agencies, colleges, schools, business, governmental agencies, parents, or individual clients.

Assessments generally require two half-day sessions, either mornings or afternoons. Results of the assessment are discussed individually with those making the referral and a typed report, outlining the results of the assessment is prepared. Assessments are designed to help those making the referral to plan appropriately to meet the educational and psychological needs of the individual involved. The nature and extent of the learning disabilities can be identified an described along with recommended follow-up procedure. Specific recommendations about teaching methods, strategies, and materials for individual cases may not be possible without further opportunity to evaluate the individual’s particular learning style.

There is a fee for the assessment. Individuals may have partial coverage through an extended health insurance plan.

Signs and Symptoms

Here is a list of characteristics that describe some general symptoms of learning disabilities and attention deficits.

Learning difficulty not attributable to impaired vision, hearing, intelligence, emotional or environmental well-being, plus under- achievement in certain areas.

  • Weak study or work habits
  • inability to organize and budget time
  • difficulty starting or completing tasks
  • poor note taking and outlining skills
  • Discrepancy in quality of oral and written work
  • Poor attention span
  • overactivity – constantly on the move
  • underactivity
  • distractibility
  • Language Problemssubstituting easier words for complex words
  • trouble verbalizing answers and speaking in whole sentences
  • forgetting, confusing, or misarticulating words
  • difficulty describing objects and defining simple vocabulary
  • Poor short and long-term memory for information presented
  • Difficulty following oral or written directions
  • Disorganized thoughts
  • Motor coordination problems