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Past sexual assault may impact the way you want to parent in the present.  Our program works with parents to provide therapy to address these issues.

Adult FASA provides individual therapy when:

  • An adult has a history of sexual assault and would like to address this in therapy
  • An adult is actively parenting children under 18 years of age


There are no fees, and there may be a waiting list for the Adult FASA program.

The service we provide is confidential, however we may be required to report to Child & Family Services as required by the Child Protection Branch reporting guidelines.


Families can contact us at FASA (204) 786-7051, extension 5262 or email us at

FASA Brochure Sept 2017


If you have a family who is interested in our services, a referral can be made by having the parent contact FASA directly at :
(204) 786-7051, extension 5262
or email us at



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